Hobbiton – New Zealand

Could I have been any more excited for this tour? I think not.

Definitely the highlight of my trip, Hobbiton was amazing. I’m a huge Tolkein fan, and the Hobbit was my bedtime story growing up. So to visit a real life Hobbiton gave me a serious nerdgasm.


A View of the Farm

The movie set was built on an older couple’s sheep farm. Peter Jackson flew over New Zealand looking for rolling hills to put the set. He thought the couple’s farm would be perfect, so he basically told them to give him use of the farm and their house for three months, and he’d pay for them to take a vacation. Now the couple runs the tourist attraction in addition to their farm. Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe.



A Hobbit Hole

You can actually go into the Hobbit hole, although there’s nothing inside except for dirt and leftover wood. Although, sometimes sheep get trapped inside too. It’s still pretty cool that you can open the door and walk in.


I’m going on an adventure!


View of Hobbiton from the bottom of the hill

At the very top of the hill is Bilbo’s house, donned with its trademark green door. The oak tree above the hobbit hole was a dead tree that Peter Jackson had cut apart, shipped to the set, then put back together. All the leaves were fake, and had to be tied on one by one.


Bilbo’s house


Gazing out from the house – contemplating the adventure


Another Hobbit Hole

After touring the hobbit holes, we walked across the bridge to the Green Dragon pub. They have their own brews and ciders, and each tour comes with one complimentary beverage. It was a nice pub, with a fire place and cushy chairs to rest and chat with the other tourists.



The Green Dragon

Another tip – they do weddings here. I’m definitely going to have to look into that.


The outside of the pub

If you’re ever on the north island of New Zealand, you have to make it out to here. It really helps to transport you into the story/movie, and the grounds are picturesque. It’s an essential place to put on any fan’s bucket list.


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