Haruru Falls – New Zealand

Tucked next to Waitangi Treaty Grounds across the bridge from Paihia, lies the trail to Haruru Falls.  The trail itself is uneventful for most of its length. Although the hike is very long, the elevation doesn’t change much, so you can stroll through. The coolest stretch is when you have to cross the bridge through the mangrove forest.


Wooden bridge through Mangrove Forest


Full Grown Mangrove surrounded by seedlings

The mangrove trees grow up through the marsh. I really liked how there were trees at all different stages of development in the forest. The baby mangroves looked really cool poking out of the mud with their tiny leaves.


Waitangi River

After a long hike (about 2 hours or more), I finally reached the falls. They weren’t too impressive, but they were a welcome sight after that long trudge through the forest. It’s a great place to sit and have a picnic on the rocks and watch the kayakers come up from Waitangi River and play chicken with each other to see who will go the closest to the waterfall.






Haruru Falls



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