Coromandel – New Zealand


Coromandel – one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Coromandel Peninsula lies east of Auckland, and is about a 3 hour bus ride from the city. You can also get there from Auckland via ferry, but mine was unfortunately cancelled due to rough seas. It was hard to complain though, since the ride in was so stunning. Once you get out of farm country, you take a twisty road along the coast.




I went on a hike to get a better view of the bay. As with most towns in New Zealand, you can stop by the tourist center and grab a map of the town and nearby hikes (including how long they take).
Pictures really don’t do this place justice. The views of the bay are breathtaking, and are complemented by a soft sea breeze.



The walk back along the beach was pretty pleasant. The beach was made of tiny rocks and reddish sand, spattered with seagulls. The town itself is very small, and can be explored in about half an hour. Even though it was a blip of a town, the vibe is infectious. I sat around in a vegetarian cafe, sipping my smoothie and reading, for most of the day. The people are friendly and laid-back, soothed by their soft green and blue surroundings.



On the way back to Auckland, we had to pull over and wait for other people who were supposed to catch the ferry, giving me a great opportunity to gaze out over the bay from atop the mountain. This place was gorgeous- I wish I had decided to explore the peninsula beyond a day trip.


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