Tokyo DisneySea

This place has been on my bucket list for a long time. Tokyo DisneySea is the only DisneySea in the world, and is crisscrossed by canals.


Mickey Hand-holds on the Disney Monorail

To get to DisneySea you can take the JR line towards Mahaima, then get on the Disney Monorail to get to the actual park. You can buy tickets to both DisneyLand and DisneySea, or you can buy tickets to only one park. If you have kids with you you might want to buy tickets to both parks, but from my understanding DisneySea is more catered towards teenagers and adults (as made clear by the amount of high schoolers on dates and people walking around with frozen margaritas). So if you’re with older children or without children you could easily spend the entire day just at DisneySea.


DisneySea Globe


Mediterranean Harbor


Shops and restaurants line the canals in Mediterranean Harbor

Although this park is built differently than other parks, it has some classic Disney rides like the Tower of Terror.

The Japanese also take their Disney fandom very seriously. The souvenir shops are far superior than the ones in the States, and have unique gifts (Minnie Mouse glove rice paddle for example). You will see many people walking around the park with multiple bags half their height, stuffed to the brim.


Tower of Terror


Steamship at the American Waterfront


Aquatopia Ride at Port Discovery


Mysterious Island

I was also super excited that they had a Little Mermaid and an Aladdin themed area. These areas don’t have any adrenaline pumping rides, but they have some relaxing ones like the Magic Carpet ride and a fairly large merry-go-round. As such, there are more children in these areas than the rest of the park.


King Triton in Mermaid Lagoon


Mural of Jasmine in Arabian Coast


Magic Carpet Ride in Arabian Coast



Inside the Arabian Coast

I would highly recommend staying until closing to catch the shows. There is a fireworks show over the Castle in DisneyLand that is also visible from DisneySea. However, when I was there it was cancelled due to weather, which is common during the summer. The next show is Fantasmic, and it truly is, well… fantasmic.


Closing show – Fantasmic. It lives up to its name.

The show starts off with Mickey from Fantasia letting loose the evils from Disney. Insanely impressive pageantry ensues.

Boats come out with giant inflatable spheres that show different scenes and songs from a variety of movies. There’s some fireworks, water works, dancing characters, and an animatronic dragon that blows fire. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Make sure to grab a spot early – people will start to claim their territory over an hour before it starts.


More Fantasmic


Even more Fantasmic

We ended the night with a Venetian gondola ride. It was kind of cheesy, but the park is beautiful all lit up. If you’re in Tokyo and like Disney, I’d highly recommend carving out a day to visit this park. You won’t regret it.


Venetian Gondola Ride


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