Hotel Review – Hyatt Zilara Cancun

The Hyatt Zilara embodies the stereotypical Cancun scene – sitting on the beach, working on your tan, and sipping pina coladas all for an all-inclusive fee.


View of the hotel from the beach 

The Zilara is an all inclusive, ages 16+ resort in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. The all inclusive price includes the room, beverages (including alcohol), and food from all restaurants and room service. If you eat and drink a lot, like my boyfriend and I, this can be very valuable.

The basic room goes for about $350-500 per night, depending on when you go. This is a bit out of our budget, so we used our free night bonuses from signing up for the Chase Hyatt card. Since we got two free nights each after our $1000 minimum spend, we stayed for a total of four nights for free! You also get Platinum status with the Hyatt card, so we got a special check in.


Our “Basic” Room


The soaking tub

Compared to our bare bones college style travel, this place was a luxurious haven. Our room was quite large, had two queen sized beds, and even a soaking tub! A bottle of wine was also waiting for us on the table.


In-room bottles of alcohol

The view from the balcony was amazing. The beaches in Cancun are quite beautiful, and it’s wonderful to wake up to this.


View of the beach and the pool from our room

The infinity pool is quite large and comes with a swim up bar. However, it doesn’t get deeper than about 5 feet. I’m not sure if that’s to lower the risk of a drunken adult drowning in their pool, or if its because most guests just want to wade around with drinks in hand.

Despite all the free flowing alcohol, this is not a party hotel. Probably due to the prices, the average guest seemed to be in their 40s or 50s. We were definitely one of the youngest people at the resort, and the other younger guests were mostly Japanese or Koreans. The vibe was more laid back beach vacation than spring break.


The pool


View of the left wing of the hotel from the infinity pool

The drinks were tasty, but a little on the sweet side for my taste. But since they were free I can’t complain too much.

The food was also pretty great. I’ve read some horror stories about all-inclusive food, but I was quite impressed by the Zilara. There was a tapas restaurant, an asian fusion place, a buffet, and then some. The tapas place was my favorite. Some of the restaurants need a reservation, so ask the front desk when you check in which ones are available.


Relaxing with a tequila sunrise


Pool side lounging beds

If you want to grab a lounging bed by the pool I would recommend getting up early and laying down a towel before grabbing breakfast. I’m not sure why the hotel allows this because it gets quite annoying when you see towels covering all the beds and chairs and there’s no one in the pool. But that’s just the way it is, so stake your claim early in the day, even if you don’t plan to swim for few hours.


Relaxing in a lounging bed on the beach


The beach in front of the hotel – gorgeous


Lounging beds on the beach

This was my first time at an all inclusive resort. I am not the type to spend all that time and energy getting to a destination only to stay in a sterilized, soulless resort. That being said, from my brief time in Cancun, I decided to just stay at the hotel. Cancun didn’t impress me at all. It reminded me of the tourist ghetto of Waikiki. Plus, at this point of our trip we were pretty exhausted, and welcomed some pampering. This resort was a real treat for us. It wasn’t the best travel experience, but it was a damn good vacation. We could have never afforded this type of luxury without using our Hyatt nights. Travel hacking ftw.


Towel bear!



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