About Me

DSC00232I’m Jenn and I love to travel. Obviously.

I started this blog to share my adventures and to show it is possible to travel and still have a “normal” life. I am currently getting my masters in public health, and work a part time job. Despite this, I have been going on two international trips a year, and a few domestic ones in between. Sure, my life isn’t as glamorous as those bloggers who travel full-time, but it’s more attainable.

I also only started traveling recently. As a kid we hardly went on trips, and when we did it was to visit family. Yet I always yearned to see the world. At 19, a friend invited me to Canada to visit her sister. I had a great time, but when I got back life got in the way again and my passport got shoved back into the drawer. I always thought that travel required tons of money, and I was a poor college student.

Then I got introduced to travel hacking. This may sound dramatic, but it seriously revolutionized my life. It taught me that you don’t need a lot of money to travel. I would not have been able to go to half of the countries I have been to if it wasn’t for this technique.


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