I had done everything right – by January 2013, I had just turned 23, recently graduated with honors from college and was working a full time job. Then why did everything feel so wrong?

The answer was obvious – I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I was the person spending hours on websites like the Matador Network and Nomadic Matt dreaming about having their lives. I wanted to travel, and grow, and read, and learn, and all those things that I was just too tired and lazy to do. Instead, I sat inside and watched season after season of television shows on Netflix.

Then I came across Chris Guillebeau’s website The Art of Non Comformity. His basic message is to consciously create the life you want now. I had been living like most people – going to school, scrimping to pad my savings account, and working more hours than I’d like to, all in hopes of someday getting a job that would pay me enough or give me enough vacation hours to finally get the freedom I craved. Chris taught me to skip the middle part, jump off the hamster wheel, and set that up now.

So now, going against my couch potato, armchair traveler, pessimistic personality, I am making a goal to live a more meaningful, active life. Instead of being too tired to do anything but vegetate, I am going to fill my days with the activities that brings me happiness that I’ve put on hold since high school – writing, reading, traveling, yoga, and appreciating my beautiful home of Hawaii. Since my only real responsibility now is rent and student loans, I have no more excuses.

So come join me on my 5 year journey to do 5 hours of yoga a week, visit 50 countries, and read 500 books, in a desperate attempt to be a better person.


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