Bucket List

I’m not on my way out any time soon (hopefully), but I think creating a bucket list is a good way to map out some lifetime goals, big and small. Here’s all of my travel goals I hope to accomplish:


– Trek Machu Picchu

– Dive the Blue Hole in Belize

Swim with Whale Sharks (Mexico, 2014)

– See the salt flats in Bolivia

– Trek through Patagonia in Argentina/Chile

– See Rapa Nui

– See Iguazu Falls

– Cruise down the Amazon River

– Step foot on all 50 States in the US

– See the Mississippi River

– Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

– Drive along the Pacific Coast

– Do a historic tour of Philly, Boston, and DC

– Go mountain biking through the Utah desert

Visit Disney Land (CA, 2013)

– Visit Harry Potter World

– Visit Disney World

– Kayak in the San Juans or around Alaska



– See Vatican City & the Cistine Chapel

– See Rome – Colesseum, Trevi Fountain

– Stuff myself silly with gelato, pizza, alfredo in Italy

– Ride a gondola in Venice

– Visit Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

– Walk along the castles where they filmed the Red Keep in Croatia

– Get picture taken next to platform 9 ¾ in Ravenclaw outfit

– Hike the Trolls Thumb in Norway

– Eat Sami food in Norway

– Visit Auschwitz

– Take a train journey through Poland

– Sit in on a bench and people watch in Bruges, next to the tower

– Ride the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Ulaan Bataar

– Check out the castles in Estonia

– See the Hagia Sophia

-Explore Ephesus

– Visit the Temple of Artemis

– Visit Paris DisneyLand

– Visit the Oracle of Delphi

– Parasail in the Meditteranean



– Pretend to be Lara Croft in Angkor Wat

– Catch a wave in Indonesia

– See a Komodo dragon on Komodo Island in Indonesia

– Eat street food in Singapore

– Visit Batu Caves

– Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand

– See the golden temples in Myanmar

– See Halong Bay in Vietnam

– Visit the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan

– Go to a yoga retreat in India

– Eat dim sum in Hong Kong

– Take a cooking class in Bangkok

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Taipei (2014)

Visit Tokyo Disney Land (2013)

– Visit Hong Kong Disney Land

– Visit Shanghai Disney Land

– Experience the Ice sculpture festival in Hokkaido

– Soak up the sun in the Maldives



– Scuba dive in Nauru

– Swim with the jellyfish in Palau

– See Uluru

– Drive through the Outback

– Hike in Mordor

– Go zorbing in Queenstown

– See a kiwi bird in NZ

Visit Hobbiton (2013)

See the glow worm caves in Waitomo (2013)

– Go to all Hawaiian islands (that are accessible)



– See the pyramids of Giza

– Check out Victoria Falls

– Safari in Tanzania

– Relax in the Seychelles

-See those weird trees and the lemurs in Madagascar



– Cruise next to Antarctica

See penguins on South Georgia Island


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